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  • OWD Chester Seat
  • OWD Chester Seat
  • OWD Chester Seat
  • OWD Chester Seat

Product information

Oldwooddesign Chester Seat.

OWD Chester The 1st Grade Hornbeam Tree Baked on Seats.
10 years of skeleton guarantee. 32 Density Gray Sponge and Deletable Waterproofing Baby Face Fabrics are used.
Turning wood Footless Hornbeam color change.
fabric color. Emerald. With different fabric and color options.
Countries included in the product.

Dimensions ;
height 80cm, width 220cm, depth 100cm.
living height 46cm 

OWD Chester Seat


12,149.98 USD

11,449.98 USD


43,509.91 TL

OWD Chester Seat
OWD Chester Seat

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