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Frequently Asked Questions

Which wood is used in the products?

We mostly use fir, pine, beech and poplar in our products. Mdf, Particleboard etc. materials are not used.

Is it safe to use the card for online shopping from your site?

The security of your personal information is very important to us. For this reason, all your transactions from the basket step to the end of the payment process are protected with an SSL certificate against access by third parties. During payment, your card information cannot be seen by third parties and is not recorded by Oldwooddesin.

How can I check the status of my order?

You can track the status of your order in the "Order Tracking" section on our website. If your order is sent by cargo, you can see the cargo status in detail by clicking on the cargo tracking link in the order tracking section after it has been shipped.

Will my order to be delivered by courier be delivered on Saturday-Sunday?

Products sent by courier are delivered until 12:00 on Saturday, if the procurement process has been completed. Cargo companies do not deliver on Sundays.

Will I be notified when my order is delivered?

You can follow all the stages from the preparation of your order to the delivery from the notifications sent to the e-mail address you specified while creating the order.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay with American, Master and Visa credit cards.

Do you ship products outside of Turkey?

We can provide shipping to Germany and the UK.

How is the information flow after ordering?

From the moment you create your order, you are informed by e-mail at every step.

Do you have installment options?

There is no installment option for Germany and the UK.

My order is damaged. What should I do?

The products you have ordered are released for distribution after all controls are passed by our quality teams. However, sensitive products may be damaged due to problems during distribution. In such a case; If the product reaches you by courier, check the outer package for damage before you receive the product, and have the cargo officer prepare a "Damage Determination Report" as soon as you see any damage. In case of any damage you notice after order delivery, you should immediately contact the relevant cargo branch and ask them to prepare a "Damage Determination Report". If the cargo branch does not help you in this regard, please inform us as soon as possible. If the product you sent has been delivered to you by our distribution channels, please contact us by using our email or telephone channel on the contact us page and inform us about everything.

How can I find out my cargo tracking number? When will my cargo delivered product be delivered?

After your order is delivered to the cargo company, you will be sent your cargo tracking information via e-mail. If this information has not reached you, you can contact us by using our email or telephone channel on the contact us page.

Garanti Şartları Nedir?

Ürünlerimiz 2 yıl garantilidir, ürünlerimiz doğal ağaç olduğundan içinde az da olsa nem barındıyor. Bu sebeple evinizde ani ısı değişimlerinden kaçınmalısınız.

Yerden ısıtmalı evlerde kullanılan ürünler garanti dışıdır. Yerden ısıtmalı sistemler doğal ağaçların yapısına uygun olmayacak şekilde ani nem değişikliklerine sebep olmaktadır.

How should the products be cleaned and maintained?

Cotton cloth should be used for cleaning our products. The longevity of the products should not be left in an airless environment. Definitely degreaser bleach, bleach etc. products should not be used. Otherwise, damage to the product surface may occur.

Do You Use Recycled Products?

The majority of our products are made from recycled materials.

Delivery Time Why 30 days?

Products are made to order. Average production time is 15 days, shipping time is 15 days.

How Many Days Is The Delivery Time?

Delivery time is 30 days on average.

Sipariş İptal Süresi Kaç Gündür?

Sipariş verdiğiniz tarihten itibaren 14 gün içinde sebepsiz cayma hakkına sahipsiniz.
Sipariş içeriğinde özel ölçü ve ürün özellik değişiklikleri var ise iptal süresi 7 gündür.
İptal süresi aşıldığında ise iade bedeliniz %15 kesinti ile yapılacaktır.

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