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  • Rustic dresuar
  • Rustic dresuar
  • Rustic dresuar

Product information

Oldwooddesign Rustic Dresuar.
Metal color black, the surface is protected by polurethane mat varnish.
purified sprinted > Smooth surface. color middle burma no5.
As with the nature of the wood, as there are cracks and deformed departments There may be crashes over time.

height 100cm, width 120cm, depth 40cm.
tree thickness: 3cm iron measure: 20x20mm
The price advantage will be eliminated in the measure change.

Rustic dresuar


3,749.98 USD

2,974.98 USD


11,304.91 TL

Product Options
Tree Color
  • No:1
  • No:2
  • No:3
  • No:4
  • No:5
  • No:6
  • No:8
Metal Color
  • Texture Black
  • Matte White
Rustic dresuar
Rustic dresuar

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